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Wednesday, November 08, 2006



Our library here has a sign on the door to shut off cell phones. And I'm pretty sure the old librarian would hunt someone down and nail their butt to the wall if they tried to use it! LOL She's...well, mean.


How annoying. If you can't find quiet in a library, then where can you go? I found while going to grad school that the university library was still quiet. I used to love going in there to read, and quite a few students actually slept in there!


Nothing is what it used to be. It's not isolated to libraries. It's all over. And it's sad.


I have to wait till nothing is stirring, not even a mouse, to get some peace and quiet.


Our library also has a sign that says SHUT OFF CELL PHONES. Common curtesy has certainly fallen off the face of the earth. But so has common sense. Is nothing common anymore?!? :)


I go to the library! It's still quieter than most places, even though the "library voice" seems to have become louder. I turn off my cell when I enter, just as I do for church. Why can't other people seem to get that idea, too??? I don't know. The whole culture seems to have become more rude.

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