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Saturday, February 12, 2005


Jody Halsted

You, me & #98. I'm ancestorally Irish. If I had my way (and win the lottery tonight) I'd live there. Visited once, by myself, and didn't want to come back. Amazing country.


Il faut que je parte.

My very first French dialogue. I went on to major in it, so I can actually say a whole lot more than that now. But not as much as I could 25 years ago when I graduated.


Hi Marie. Cool blog: Michele sent me.

I look forward to reading more.


Thanks for visiting my blog -- we actually have a lot in common -- Virgo, Irish, dye my grey hair, lived in NY....


I LOVED the technical training one. Oh, been there. Mine never hit the NY Times best selling list.


Hi, Michele sent me.

I think it would be fun to speak a language around the house that your friends didnt understand

A while back, I heard (i dont remember where) about this family that wanted their kids to be tri-lingual. Each story of the house was a different language, so for example, if you were on the second story you could only speak spanish, if you were on the first floor you could only speak french. Kinda cool, very crazy!


Hello, Michele sent me. I am a Jersey Shore girl, myself, living upstate (5 min. from NY!!) Just got back from the shore. It's nice to visit, nicer to come home. Oh, and apparently I still rule the arcade!! If you don't believe me, check out the Centipede game in Seaside on the Fun Pier. I have the high score!! I still got it!! Have a geat night!!


I haven't been there yet, but do want to go for a visit!

I only remember enough to be dangerous. I do know "Combien coute cette echarpe jaune, s'il vous plait" (sp?) My sisters & I walked around Paris looking for a yellow scarf so we could ask how much it cost! Nerds!

Hello! And thanks for coming by!

Well, look at that!!
Thanks for coming over!

Wow! Fun! and challenging!! I wonder what they speak on the stairs?

I'm jealous! It's been a few years since I've been "down the shore," as they say. Centipede, eh? Skee ball was my game. I wasn't any good at it, but I loved it!


I love Wally Lamb!!

Did you read the book he compiled of short stories by women in prison? He taught them memoir writing while they were incarcerated.

If not, I highly recommend it!


I haven't read the short stories, though I've heard about them. I'll check 'em out now that you've recommended them, Anita!

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