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Wednesday, April 20, 2005



Idol is my favorite show, so I got everyone situated before I settled in to watch, I even ran out to vote 20 minutes before start time, and EVERYONE in the house decided to melt down between the hours of 8:00 and 9:00. (Insert curse words.) But I did see Constantine. He did have a lot of make up. I too was a little mesmerized by it. Carrie is good, but there is something so bland about her. "The lights are on but there's nobody home." Too vanilla. I think Anthony is out as well. Anwar hasn't really impressed me yet. I like Bo too. But truth, I'm rooting for Constantine. He's got flava.


I updated with my reaction from last night. Anwar stillcreeps me out...

I forgot to write about the makeup and hair. We were thinking "Why did he do a BeeGees song and a Cure look?" I mean, except for the hairspray and white face paint, he looked like Robert Smith....


I liked Constantine last night, but the eye makeup was way weird. However, he's got that "it" factor, and I think he'll go far.

Carrie is like a vacant house- there's no one home. She simply cannot emote when she sings, no matter what the song. And I'm sure the writers of the song she sang last night didn't appreciate being told she had no idea what their "weird" song was about. Moron.

I still like Bo, and I agree- either Anthony or Scott will be on their way home tonight.


You're not alone! I think a LOTTT of people are rooting for Constantine.
I didn't have 1 I was rooting for til last night -- now it's Bo. I don't think he'll win, but it would be fun to see it come down to the 2 rockers.

It was weird, huh? I'm sure someone will comment on C's "look" tonight. I wish we didn't have to wait til 9 for results.

So you think Carrie will make the ideal pop star, huh? ;-) She'd have been better off NOT to comment after the song!


SPOILER!!! Don't read this if you don't want to know who was cut this week!

Goodbye Anwar... I'll miss your smile & voice! I didn't think you were creepy at all!

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