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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Paul N.

I believe you're on to something there.


Oh, God, can I have one?? Sometimes I forget things and do them twice and I have NO MEMORY of doing it the first time. I think the grey matter went out with the placenta.


Are you taking orders? I walked into the kitchen earlier this evening and thought "why am I in this room?" Then I remember oh yeah, I am hungry....yes, forgting that one is hungry is indeed black-button worthy.

the other elle

Will that back button also take care of those times when I speak before thinking?


I think pre-orders are in order here... maybe QVC will want to help with this one.

So, Paul, I'll put you down for 1...

One for Elle - oh yeah. Many days I think "did I already take my vitamins? Oh yes, I did... no, I didn't..."

One for Michele - yep, the kitchen thing. I often stand in front of the open fridge & wonder what it was I was going to get out of there...

And for the other Elle - I'm thinking that would be a feature of the Deluxe model - an Undo "add-on." I'd be needing the Deluxe model as well!!!


The Other Elle has a great idea! Only, I think it would be an UNDO button. That would have a variety of other useful applications as well. ; ) Now, what was I doing?


Sign me up, too. I feel like I am far too young to have developed dementia.

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