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Sunday, May 21, 2006



Great Job, Practigal ! Can't wait to try some new recipes this week.



Wow! What a crock of...recipes. ;) Nice work!
There's got to be one or two in here for a plain Jane eater like me. *heading back to peruse the list again*


Holy cow - that's awesome! I am somewhat of a recipe whore, if you will. It drives my husband nuts - I have SO many laying around. I am definitely bookmarking a bunch of these! THANKS!


Thanks you very much for a wonderful carnival this week. I plan on staying away from a hot oven as much as possible this summer.


Your famous potatoes sound incredible!

Some of these only have a few ingredients. The crock is a great way to go with a new baby!! Hubby can set it up in the a.m.!

I am the same way! I have so many clippings, cards, and cookbooks. And I'm always printing more out. I always laugh when people talk about adding something to their cookbook (singular). That sounds so civilized!

I'm with you. Love the crockpot in the summertime. And all year long, actually!


Outstanding! Who knew you could do breakfast and dessert in a crockpot? Can't wait to try a bunch of these. And thanks for hosting.


Oh, I am hungry now! Good thing it's almost lunch time!


Practigal - this was the best carnival since i've been participating!

I'm with Keewee and Marie - The crock pot in the summertime is the best. You can make a hot meal, not heat up the house, and not singe your forearm hairs out by the grill. It's perfect. ;) Especially here in Arizona - the temps have already been well over the 100 degree mark this year.

My crock is broken, but i'm getting one SOON! I miss it so much!


This is awesome! I made a fabulous crock pot recipe a few weeks ago and have been dying to pull out the crock pot again. Thanks, Marie!!


great edition! somehow we missed the memo regarding crock pot recipes, we would have been better prepared.
we are looking forward to trying some of these killer recipes.

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