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Sunday, April 08, 2007



Congratulations on the award! You deserve it more than you think you do!


Ahhhhhh!!!! me???? You are too kind.... and I am quite flattered... and so don't deserve you.. and now I know why my stats went off the charts the other day. I didn't think the bunnies were that cute!

Thank you and I will follow the rules....


Suburban Turmoil

Thanks, Marie! I actually saw this the other day, but I was nursing and couldn't type very well at the time! :)


Awww - thank you Marie! You are too cool! And yes! I'd love to meet someday! :)

I hate being so far behind right now! I can't wait until school is over.

I am truly honored!

Mrs. Flinger

Ohhh, dude! How'd I miss this post when I was here? Of course you deserve the thinking bloggers!! WOOT Marie! And thank you for thinking of me. It means a TON coming from YOU!

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